Three children killed in suspected food poisoning case


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, September 29: As many as three children have died last night at Pamzal village located at about 20 kms from Thanlon sub divisional headquarters and is about 150 kms from Ccpur Police station in a food poisoning  related incident .

The three children have been identified as Kaiminthang, 13, and his brother Hauminlian ,10, s/o T Chinkholal and Jamngaihching d/o  T Ginmung all from the same village according to a source.

The source has further maintained that the three children were taking dinner with curry prepared from potatoes, brinjal and pumpkins.

Later in the evening at about 7pm, they turned unconscious and behave in a manner as if they wanted to vomit but cannot and soon after they breathed their last and their have been no time for any medical intervention added the source.

Many believe that their food may have been contaminated with some pesticides yet details are being awaited.

Their mortal remains will be laid to rest, according to another source.


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