Where Is My Right To Live


by AW Khaiyar
The Govt. of Manipur has often interpreted the RIGHT TO FREEDOM in shrink in the constitution of India into two terms. Countless of evil incident and event have been encountered by common citizens of our state, to my surprise the price of life differ from community inspite of the same cases. May be its not worthwhile to mention but situation compels me to state the genuine facts that the government of Manipur is solely responsible for lawlessness in the state: the concern department never take positive steps least the situation is out of control, the nature of bandh, strike, blockage, hunger stick, etc, etc is the seed sawn by our government and now people are suffering in cultivating all these miseries. One cannot see any good Samaritans from present government other than discovering the most deadliness poison environment of communalism and senseless responsible. Believe or not you will never or else hardly see VIPs on their headlight visiting the deceased nor hear condolence   nor they will shed crocodile tears when tribals are the culprits needless to mentioned ex-gratia. No citizens of Manipur will deny me in saying whenever any students from privilege class(Meitei)  molest, harass, fail to notice their where about, the whole city is ceased with placard of solidarity of peace and appeals and heed the heart of ………………. But my Sister belongs to non privilege class (Tribal) have only mourning dear ones with their tears and lovely last garlands. No worldly placard, no ex-gratia and no condolence but surly our God is with you and may He grant you an eternal life.  Dear fellow beings I have no say of disparities: rich or poor, friends or enemy, when we are struggling for live but it’s our moral responsible to respect the lifeless body. Senseless activities are increasing day after day people with attitude of “the law is with me” increases taking advantage of deteriorating government. Silence is not always indicator of acceptance rather it may be a sign of desperation in case of the minority community in Manipur, every steps of our government is incidentally or intentionally widening the gap between the love of the valley and the hills. Our sister who is found dead with marks of strangulation and multiple injuries found half naked at Cheiroching, Chingmeirong under Lamphel Police Station is morning with pain claiming where “WOMAN DIGNITY” is where is “MY FREEDOM TO LIVE” waiting the government to answer.


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