ZYF decries imposition of CrPC 144 on highways


IMPHAL, Sept 3: The Zeliangrong Youth Front (Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) has condemned the imposition of Section 144 of CrPC on the National Highway No. 37.

A release of the ZYF stated that Section 144 CrPC is a tool which is often misused by the Manipur government to suppress more particularly the Nagas.

It is illogical for Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee to continue the blockade as the representatives of the committee including three Kuki MLAs, former Kuki MLAs and leaders of various Kukis organisations have already held several meetings and discussed the issue with the Manipur government on the advice of the Indian government to settle the matter with the state government. The time has now come for the Indian government to explore mechanism for complete lifting of the national highways blockade so that the suffering of the people is relieved and normal activities restored at the earliest, it stated.

The release further mentioned that the wisdom of the Indian government with judicious intervention at such a critical juncture is the only option to settle and bring amicable solution with the issue for restoration of normalcy in the state.

The Nagas and Kukis are the dominant community in the Sadar Hills areas with comparatively equal population, therefore, pursuing for Sadar Hills district with strong opposition from the Nagas is not in the larger interest of the people living in the areas. The enthusiastic support of some organisations regarding the Sadar Hills issues exposed its immaturity, unaware of the historical facts, land issues and geographical areas of the hill districts, it averred.

What will be the reaction of those organisations if Nagas extend maximum support in favour of migrants in the event of demand raised for separate district after carving out from valley districts? Nagas strong opposition to the creation of Sadar Hills issue is not a new subject and it will remain oppose based on the reasons already expressed and reflected in the various Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) signed between Nagas and the Govt. of Manipur much before those organisations favouring for Sadar Hills issue came into existence.

The Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) does not see any good reason for the people who are not related to the land issues to meddle with extreme enthusiasm. Instead of sending representatives to Kangpokpi or Saparmeina areas, the primary task and focus point for those organisations would be to first convince the Meiteis living in the areas of Koutruk, Khurkhul etc. who are strongly opposing the demand of the Sadar Hills district. The Meiteis living in these areas strongly oppose the Sadar Hills district by organising rally and dharnas because of their little areas are included in the map of the said Sadar hills district, the release mentioned.

The imposition of Section 144 CrPC on NH. 37 by Manipur government following the United Naga Council (UNC) imposition of counter blockade opposing the Sadar Hills issues once again exhibit the Govt. of Manipur anti Nagas policy. The Nagas have been capable resistant and withstand all form of oppressions, therefore, the imposition of Section 144 CrPC on the National Highway will only boost the Naga people. It will be wise on the part of the Govt. of India to issue strong direction to the Govt. of Manipur to lift the Section 144 CrPC imposed on National Highway before things goes out of hand considering the woes and suffering of the people. The Govt. of Manipur imposing Section 144 CrPC on the National Highway on the pretext of pre-emptive measure is anti Naga and one sided attitude and as such condemned it, release of ZYF added.


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