Publication of the Magazine – MSAD


Office of the
Manipur Students’ Association Delhi
New Delhi

Ref. no. – 20111008

Manipur students’ association Delhi (MSAD) is publishing, its annual magazine MAHEIROI -2011.An editorial board has been formed. The members of editorial board are Beejurekha Samom, R.k Sanayaima, Chinglen luwang (co-ordinator), Pream Hidam, Malem Ningthouja and Chinglenkhomba Meetei.
Articles, poems and short stories have been collected that are being approved by the editorial board. Presently, the Association is not in a position to release fund for the same, due other emergency. Nevertheless we are working in our best level and planning to publish the magazine in this current month.

With regards,
Academic Committee
Manipur Students’ Association Delhi


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