A Brief Inflow And Outflow Of ITI Ukhrul


India celebrated its 65th Independence Day on Monday, with pomp and gaiety, across the length and breadth of India. But quality of education minimizing by terms of own pockets. Its mean a crisis that goes largely unnoticed, a crisis that is likely to be, in the long run, far more damaging to the future of democratic self-government: a crisis in education.

Time has now arrived to listen more carefully to voices like these. The challenge to arrive at success is enormous though, we point out.
If we do not insist on the crucial importance of the humanities and the arts, they will drop away, because they don’t make money:
It may not be an exaggeration to say that to review the fitness of each and every staff of the ITI, Ukhrul for they are only defusing the status of an institution and the society. There are many as staff whose activities were fixed for their personnel gain and attend office for only 3-5 days in a month and drawing their salary in good faith.
What policies have been framed even and after there have been collapsed in institutional management and irrespective responsibilities against the corrupt staffs and officials?
Why the Govt. of Manipur are not probing who are looting the public money?
ITI, Ukhrul is standing by virtue where there no is nothing to be expected and experienced from amongst the teachers and it is far off from the students structure. People are taking to illegal and unfair means in the absence of technical know to make more money at the cost of his/her integrity.
In any advertisement of any services ITI’s students are given the priority but will they work hopefully for the state or she/he will concern to the gun for his/her stay as a mare…. Hopefully State Govt. are spreading peace and developing state but it is the shares and it is not the quality Govt. public is to expect yet. Our objective is not to loose those values that money cannot buy.
It is very clear and rumors spread and in facts students are attending their exam (conducted: 2011) only in clean paper and the teachers are writing their paper’s against which is a serious offense and violate the rules and norms of exam and the examination is null and void which is also against their religion and to the society, it is not only spoiling the student’s life rather than society but the sanctity of institution and one’s dignity.
Whereas, can we expect from ITI, Ukhrul for future? And what is the concept of this institution we talk about …
Our aspiration for sovereignty vis-ænbsp;-vis our capability. Freedom must begin with our ability to sustain on our own at grass root level. For our sustainability, for our economic development this institution shall be proven and necessity actions against those violated.
Democracies have great rational and imaginative powers. But they also are prone to some serious flaws in reasoning, to parochialism, haste, sloppiness and selfishness. Education based mainly on profitability in the global market magnifies these deficiencies, producing a greedy obtuseness and a technically trained docility that threaten the very life of democracy itself, and that most certainly impede the creation of a decent world culture.
If the real clash of civilizations is, as I have argued, a clash within the individual soul, as greed and narcissism contend against respect and love, all modern societies are rapidly losing the battle, as they feed the forces that lead to violence and dehumanization and fail to feed the forces that lead to cultures of equality and respect.
They only do what is much more precious than that: make a world that is worth living in, filled with people who are able to see other human beings as full people, with thoughts and feelings of their own that deserve respect and sympathy, and nations that are able to overcome fear and suspicion in favor of sympathetic and reasoned debate.
Your sincerely,
Ringshangyo Awungshi,
Viewland, Ukhrul.
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