A Contemplation of the Present Society


By Standson Pou, Ph.D & Boveio Poukai Duo
The state of affairs and the society we live in has become a hot topic in everyday discussion as the eyes of all people are truly upon us. Talking about what is happening around us has become incomprehensible since the society is infested with multiple problems but people are pre-occupied with individual greed. The prevailing situation calls for thorough and intelligent assessments at the earliest before any spectacular development emerged or is brought about by individuals or groups that could change the very facet of our society. The notion that we reflect on is that we have all failed ourselves and our society in our own way into bits and pieces. Normally, a serious conversation or thoughtful insight into the overall state of affairs will spellbind any knowledgeable and reasonable person. This is not because it is enthralling but because it is so shameful having to experience and be acquainted with what is at stake. We all have a role to play in the making of our own future without waiting for leaders to bring forth any change that would be beneficial to us all. Sadly, things are slipping out of our hands that if we do not come up with appropriate measures, we are all doomed to fail ourselves and the prospects of our future generations.

At times, we imagine that heaven would have cried looking down at us and the society we live. Each day we are seeing what we contemplate should not have happened to us and our society. We individuals have become so self-centred, so much so, that concerns for the benefits of others are set aside completely. This has resulted in demeaning our own self and the character and the ethics we are supposed to be. This attitude has unknowingly weighed us down in the eyes of others while we are completely unaware of it. Every prospect for development and advancement of our society is thus given a back seat as the trust and co-operation among us is lacking beyond our thinking. Indeed, our casual approach to the present problems produces ramifications that befall on our own path. The result of which is we have become incapable of dignifying our own self and the society. This bring us to the observation and doubt if we should expect guidance from above to restore us and lead us forward before we clean up the mess that we have created. Or should we just excuse and rescue ourselves by putting blame on others. For whatever reasons we put our thoughts to, pouring out our indignation is not the solution in the present times. Unless we also blame ourselves for the social ills of our society and take steps towards resolving them we are still doomed to failure from such nuisances. Doubts will surround and persist in our society if we do not make the first move towards man-making with patience and toil. Only then we will be able to completely suppress and resolve the present problems. And we will be able to salvage ourselves and the society we live in. ironically, at present, our problem is we fail to see our own mistakes and we tend transpire and see the faults of others. Make no mistake that when we try to find fault in others, we already have a fault in us that is intact in our mind. This incapacitates our potential to develop for good as our knowledge and reasons are misused. Paradoxically, we induce ourself into a devil’s progeny.

In most cases, we have the zeal but we do not have the right and proper knowledge to unravel the potentials that is before us for development and progress. Many have the knowledge but do not have the zeal to pursue goals that will be valuable for the people as they concentrate on their personal wellness. Whichever side you are on, each of us has the ability, if not agility, to produce outcome from the inherent opportunities attached with it. That opportunity is the personification of life that beckons us to do something – something truly worth enough for the purpose we are alive. We plan and chalk-out the what, how and when to get. In the process, we do things in different ways to fulfil them. But what we do continue to fail at fast pace faced with difficulties and with the lack of proper support. To our observation, we are bad planners. For those who plan, we do not plan in advance. We plan when we almost execute what is before us. Such instances often lead us to failure. Worse still, we do not identify the  reasons to discover the causes of our failures leading us to conclude that we have all become weak people. Simply, because we do not utilise the opportunities we come across in time. It is high time we realise that we have a time-frame to do what we can, while we can. Henceforth, we have to response to the given chance. We need to think in a way that will toughen our mentality to fulfil what we aspire how we want our society to be. It is our thoughts being devoid of actions that keeps failing us all. Are we going to live in the shadows of our thoughts and let it get wasted in pale grey zones? Are we going to wait for so long to realise our dreams? Should we wait for others to bring about something magnificent? No, we ourselves can curve out a niche for ourselves or we walk in others dreams losing the opportunity to do and get the best out of what we ourselves can.

For most of us, we live and continue to be in the state of dreams. Thus enchanted, realities elude us as we do not act making realities move ahead of us. In the meantime, we curse ourselves and filling our minds and thoughts that we live in the wrong and bad times. Our minimal level of awareness about what is happening does not bridge the path that lies ahead. Hence, we face what comes our way dumbfounded! If only we had tried in what we hope for, we could have been much better and we and our society would have been one to be reckoned with. It is our deeds that will lead us to the future with optimism. The confrontations, trails and tribulations can be contained if we prepare ourselves and believe in ourselves. In a way, we are gatekeepers of our own destiny. The glory of us and our society rests in our efforts. We talk of our rich culture and traditions but we unknowingly devalue the preciousness of it as we do not try to learn and preserve them in our march towards a better future. Worse still, we remain people of the past. We emphasise too much on the past and our response to the present remains in a pitiable state. The intellectual interest of us all should be in the present and in the future rather than in the past only. Even the interest in the past has relevance only in so far as it serves the interests or purposes of the present and the future. Of course, that does not mean that we set aside our past history. History teaches us about who we are, our flaws, our hopes and even our dreams.

Our society is crippled with multiple problems. Our anger is not the solution. We can either find a way out for the problems or watch it decay. However, it is our responsibility to be part of the solutions. Nothing will be gained by spending our time and energy blaming the past. We need to look forward. Without disappointment, one cannot appreciate victory or success. Sadly, we are often moved to achieve our self-interest without reasoning. We need to uphold others achievements as well and not be meek about ourselves too. Lack of appreciation for others continues to be a hurdle in our society. It is then our responsibility to change the equation. Let us not store our vision for a better society in our hearts. Let us reveal them with our endeavours and efforts. Let us all reflect ourselves and the society in which we are brought up. We all want a good life so we should live to achieve that life through our deeds. Situations and circumstances are often blamed revealing our weaknesses to a large extent. The fact of the matter is we have to undo the precarious problems that are before us. In the present age, it is not about blaming others; rather, it is the age of what we can do. Ponder upon what Alexander Hamilton said, “A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.”  Likewise, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” (Martin Luther King Jr). We are all on the move towards the future. Therefore, we must commit ourselves to the tasks of rebuilding the society. There is a price we have to pay and the price spells our duty to restore the society for better.

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