Chief Minister welcomes eight newly elected ADC members


IMPHAL, October 11: The government is sparing no efforts in trying to solve the Sadar Hills issue, however regarding the United Naga Council’s demand for alternative arrangement, the government will have to wait for UNC’s response at the ongoing tripartite talk between the state government, the central government and the UNC, stated Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh today during a reception ceremony of the eight newly elected Autonomous District Council members at the ADC Bhawan, Sangakpham.

The reception ceremony was organized by the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee.

While stating that the economic blockades imposed along the national highways are undemocratic forms of agitation, and that the government has full power to use any means or power to stop such undemocratic ways of agitation, he further appealed to the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee and the United Naga Council to lift their blockades and use other alternative ways for their demands.

He further appealed to all concerned to use other ways of agitation which are democratic and which would not harm the interest of others.

He further added that, lifting of the economic blockades will help in ushering the idea of oneness amongst the various ethnic communities of the state which will in turn bring a sense of belongingness to the people of the state.

While welcoming all the eight newly elected ADC members, the Chief Minister maintained that the Autonomous District Council election is mandatory for  decentralization of power to the elected local bodies as directed by the Indian Constitution.

He further expressed his surprise at the opposition to the election of the local bodies which will further help in bringing development to their areas by some Naga bodies. 

Further speaking at the reception ceremony, he mentioned that considering the importance of full fledged ADCs as recognized by the government, the state government had decided to continue with the ADC election which had been discontinued since the last more than 20 years.

“The ADC election however has been made possible by the amendment of the ADC Act 1971 last year by the Manipur state legislative assembly”.

“Now that the ADC election process is almost complete, the state government has started chalking out the process of decentralization of power to the local bodies, so that uniformed development in the state which is the main objective of the government can be achieved”, the Chief Minister further informed.

At the end of the reception ceremony, the Chief Minister had a brief interaction with media persons.

During the interaction, he further disclosed that the state government is seriously considering the demands of the employees of the district councils including teachers.

He also added that if the demands are found reasonable, the government is ready to fulfill them in the nearest future.

Answering another query from the media regarding the demands of employees of the state for the payment of their due salaries, the Chief Minister has assured that the government will most probably pay their overdue salaries before the coming Ningol Chakkouba festival.

The reception ceremony was also attended by the MPCC president Gaikhangam and other party MLAs.


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