COTA to launch cease-work strike


IMPHAL, Oct 14: The Council of Teachers’ Association (COTA) in a statement has informed to launch a cease work strike and other forms of agitation from October 25 following the indifferent attitude of the government to redress the grievances of the teachers who has been demanding implementation of 6th pay recommendation.

It informed that the decision was taken during a general body meeting held at CC Higher Secondary School. The meeting was attended by teachers of Primary to Higher Secondary level of various government schools in the state.

The aggrieved teachers have expressed their discontent with the government’s inability to convert its assurance into action.

It said the teachers strongly condemned the nature of the government.

It also said the teachers have lost their faith on the SPF government. They alleged that the cabinet ministers will adopt a decision and the principal secretary; commissioner finance will release another order.

The government’s attitude of suppressing the genuine demand of the teachers has compelled the teachers to resort to take the extreme steps. It clarified that the teachers have been refraining from imposing the strike for seven months now considering the interest of the student community.

It has further appealed to the general public to extend their co-operation and support their cause.


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