Cultural festival


    By Kaimuanthang
    LAMKA, October 17: Time has change and the need of the hour is to develop our mindset for constructive thinking so as to draw people of the state closer and not only in terms of infrastructural development said speaker of the state legislative assembly I Hemochandra today while addressing a gathering at YPA hall located at Upper Lamka during a one day district level cultural festival under the theme ‘Striving for Cultural Inegration of Tribals’.

    He further said that too much focusing of all facilities at Imphal is not good and instead it should be organized in such a way that people can exchanged their views thoughts, culture and traditions which will create more well-feeling amongst the people and the bring real integration.

    For the purpose he said every nook and corner of the state has to be connected with a good road leading upto Imphal.

    During today’s cultural extravaganza, T . Manga Vaiphei acted as guest of honour, T Phungzathang minister power/hort & soil conservation/SC& tech as chief host while the DC CCpur was the special guest.

    Cultural troupes from various tribes including from Hmar , Vaiphei , Paite, Teddim Chin , Simte , Mizo , Kuki , Thangkhal ,  Zou, Mate, Thangkhal showcased their colorful traditional dances.


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