Dengue alert sounded at CCpur


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, October 20: A Dengue alert has been sounded by the District Malaria Officer Thiankholian at Churachandpur after a man hailing from New Lamka tested positive of the disease in Palika hospital Delhi.

The man is suspected of being afflicted with the disease during his medical examination at the district hospital, CCpur earlier by Doctors as a result of which his blood samples had been sent to Babina Test centres.

Not satisfied with the test results, he went to Delhi personally where it was confirmed he is positive. Two other persons blood samples have been put under close examination by doctors in the district hospital as it has been suspected that they could also be positive of Dengue.

A public circular issued by the Malaria Officer today has made an appeal to the general public not to neglect any fever with headache, backache, body ache and severe joint pain and to report it to the hospital at the earliest, while stating no self medication should be conducted by anybody as it can lead to severe complication.

It has further said that headache, severe joint pains and eye-ball pain are the clinical triad which indicate dengue fever.


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