Denial of districthood to Tongjei Marin viewed as Dictatorial: TMDDC


IMPHAL, Oct 31: The Tongjei Marin District Demand Committee (TMDDC) in a statement has reiterated its demand for early declaration of Tongjei Maring into a full fledged district.

The statement signed by Abon Kamei, chairman of the committee, opined that if ever new districts are created by the state government, it will be just if the demand for Tongjei Maring district is given priority considering the remoteness of the area.

It claimed that the proposed Tongjei Maring areas are bifurcated under various districts of Manipur from the erstwhile west (Tamenglong) district, to crush the Kabui and Kacha Naga known as Zelaingrong, who wedge war against the British colonial rule.

The denial of district to Tongjei Marin amounts denial of equal opportunity to the people as enshrined in the Constitution of India and asserted that the agony of under development and illogical administrative demarcation should be acknowledge.

It claimed that the people of the Chingmei Kabui (Punshan) and Nungba area have to walk for 3 to 4 days to reach the district headquarters.

The denial of prolong legitimate demands of the people of the Tongjei Marin area by the government will be deemed as dictatorial and blatant opposition to the democratic aspirations of the people, it said.



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