Development In Just Last 2 Years Only


    By Shiva Koijam
    One of the so-called leaders rightly opined electors should avoid being lured by money in the next election.  Rightly opined and 60% of literate, able thinking masses are hoping this happened at least this time and see the difference themselves in years to come.  The influence of money culture should be eradicated to see the change and difference.

    As someone claims holding ADC election for the first time under the present government.  Yes a good achievement indeed, but is it really happened.  Does it really succeeded as to what is being claimed.  Does it really reflect the wishes of the masses, whether it was voice and wishes of the majority remains a grim picture.  So many uncontested winners speak the truth so loud and clear that a sensible and normal person can hear clearly unlike deaf.  To most, it remains just a namesake on the real ground.  If not, why the so-called elected ADC members are based here, the real duties are not carried out there.  It’s like proclaiming whole northeast under someone’s control staying far from here at some locations far off from here.  A new political party too called Naga People’s Front opened it office here for the first time under the present government.  History was created and kudos to the ruling party.  For the first time, party formed on community lines is able to set their foot under the able leadership of present government.  It won’t be surprised if tomorrow other communities too started forming their one too thereby sowing the seed for disintegration of the unity in one hand and disintegration of trust and brotherhood feeling on the other to already widening mistrust unfortunately.

    Near completion of mini secretariat buildings/complexes in the hill district headquarters might be a success in their pocket dictionary, but is it a real success or a mere farce, ground reality narrates otherwise.  General masses are hoping at least when new complexes are fully functional whatever inconveniences we are facing will be lessened to some extent.  Standing in long ques for oil, frequent server down in government offices where people had to spend 4-5 hours or even whole day or the next day to pay bills, withdraw money, to register at employment exchange can be reduced to a great extent.

    Regarding 45 percent completion of Phumdi (floating bio-mass) clearance work in the Loktak Lake, setting up of national Institute of Technology and lifting of ‘disturbed area’ status from seven Assembly segments as some of the development works initiated by the Congress-led Government, God knows what happened to the Delhi-based company who got the contract to Phumdi cleaning project, the sorry state of STPI, and “disturbed area” tag from seven assembly segments.  Thanks to the recruitment policies of the government, it won’t be surprised if someday security personnel outnumbered population of the masses.

    The ongoing Sadar Hills district issues and current crisis, previous Naga agitation, number of long duration economic blockade before and now, the hardship common masses endured can be summed up as some the great gifts of the present government.  Unlike other states where there is lots of funding agencies, industrialist, film stars, oil tycoons, etc. from where did ours get funded is a big questions in the minds of the masses.  Some even made hypothetical assumptions, might be true or otherwise, the longer this Sadar Hills impasse continues, agents and sympathizers will get benefited which in turn might thanked their bosses when time comes, maybe in January.


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