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Development more visible at ruling party MLA`s constituencies asserts Thangso Baite

IMPHAL, October 16: A one day Khurai block Congress workers’ conference was held today at Amateur Athletic Association ground, Kongpal organized by the Khurai Block Congress Committee.

The conference was attended by Outer MP from the state Thangso Baite as chief guest.

Speaking at the conference, Thangso Baite said Congress with a history of 125 years is one of the oldest political parties in the world. 

He further stated that the party has introduced various flagship schemes including the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme with special emphasis on the welfare of people living below the poverty line.

He further elaborated that development of constituencies may differ according to the MLA concern and added that some of the schemes may not have reached some of the constituencies wherein the MLA is from the opposition party.

Recalling the times when the BJP was at the centre, he stated that the Manipur government had incurred more than Rs 690 crore deficits, which had negatively affected the development of the state. However, with Congress led coalition regaining power at the centre in the year 2004 under the able leadership of Sonia Gandhi, the Manipur government which is also led by the Congress party has not only fended off the deficit amount, but has also managed to pay its employees regular salary and bring in development in the state.

“Even with so much development in the state, the opposition and other parties have been criticizing the government. However it is up to the citizens of the state to figure out whether it is the ruling party or the opposition parties that they will support”, he further added.

MPCC general secretary Tilotama said that the coming assembly election will be a complicated one, with sections of both Kuki and Naga tribes unhappy over the government’s inability to accede to their various demands, which could affect the territorial integrity of the state.

She also added that in order to save the state from any destruction, the people should realize that they should support the party.

In a mocking tone, she further added that even though the Manipur People’s Party has been yelling to save the territorial integrity of the state, people should realize that MPP can go as far as Sekmai in the north and Moirang at the south, whereas Congress is a national party and can be far more affective when compared to MPP.

Bidyapati Senjam, general secretary MPCC stated that today’s conference has been organized to remind the people on the developments brought by the Congress and it should not be taken just as a political campaign.

She further highlighted the various achievements of the party in the state.

The conference was also attended by N Bihari, proposed candidate of the party from Khurai ac, other officials of MPCC and KBCC and supporters.



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