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Disable persons face hardship to get disability certificate

From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, October 17: Many of the actually disable persons in the state are unable to get their disability certificate as  easily as it has been stated in the Persons With Disability Act, 1995 due to which many have given up their bid to obtain it after a long chased though they are genuine as per sources.

“For the matter we are always untouched by all the talk of facilities which have been extended to us” stated a father who has a visually impaired child.

Indeed, inspite of the cumbersome process involved in procurement of the certificate, the Act which has been mentioned that all district hospitals can issue the certificate to any applicant on proof of the genuineness and after a medical examination in just a week.

But the ground reality in the state as per sources is that, the district hospitals have been debarred from permits to issue the certificate besides accepting any applications from the disabled people.

Instead any applicant has to approach the JNIMS and submit their application after which it will be forwarded to the directorate of social welfare.

Thereafter, the social welfare department will initiate proper assessment and upon the correctness of  the proof, it may issue the certificate within one to four months, said the source.

According to an independent source, it has been the anticipation of many that the long process involved is done away with so that many who are helplessly disabled will benefit from it.



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