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Governor appeals against use of national highways as weapons to realize demands

IMPHAL September 19: “I would like to appeal to all organizations not to use the national highways, the lifelines of the people of Manipur as weapons while making their demands”, Governor of the state, Gurbachan Jagat said at the occasion of the 119th Manipur Police Raising Day held at the parade ground of 1st Batallion, Manipur Rifles today.

The raising day saw contingents of home department personnel march past with honorary salute to the Governor of the state amidst top police officials, members of the Manipur Legislative Assembly and the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh.

In his speech, the governor applauded the police force for being able to control the law and order situation and maintain public order though it is working in an extremely delicate security environment. The activities of the UGs in the valley area have been checked to a great extent which has compelled the insurgents to take refuge in neighbouring states like Myanmar, Bangladesh etc, he said.

However, he mentioned that the scenario, though improving is still a matter of concern as the general population continues to remain under constant threat from various UG groups. “We have to focus on these nefarious activities and ensure that the underground structure responsible for these threats is exposed and broken down”, he said.

Mentioning an instance during his tenure at Punjab, the Governor said that despite increased manpower and infrastructure in the state to curb militancy, the complaints still remained the same. Later, a survey was conducted which found that the vehicles were used for domestic purposes by the officers and the manpower was used for work by the senior officials and on superfluous duties. He appealed that similar trend should be checked from happening in the state. “However, I would like to add that there are reports of police personnel taking the law into their own hands or having links with undesirable elements, such elements must be weeded out rigorously so that the reputation of the force is held high”, he said.

DGP, Y Joykumar in his address said that the police force has come a long way since its inception in 1892.

He said that the police is different from other departments and have been charged under oath to safeguard the interests of the public even at the cost of losing one’s life in the line of duty. “The policeman has to be a thinking person and adapt to different situations and be able to make effective decisions, only with support from the public will the police force be successful in carrying out their duties. We must never forget that we are at the service of the public”, he  urged.

For outstanding performance in their duties, 49 police personnel were given the DGP commendation certificates. It may be mentioned that the strength of the state police force has increased from 15,414 in January, 2008 to 24,618 by January 2011.



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