IED explodes at contractor`s home; another contractor`s family threatened with grenade


IMPHAL, October 30: A powerful IED exploded today at Wangkhei Thangjam at about 9:25 pm however there was no report of any human casualty except for some damage to the wall of a private residence.

Police suspected the exploded IED to be a time bomb.
The bomb was supposedly planted outside the wall of the house of one Huidrom Vikramjit, a special contractor.

The blast beside inflicting damage to some portion of the wall did not cause any human casualties. It could not be ascertained as why the bomb was planted however police said that similar incident have occurred at Vikramjit residence before also. 

Meanwhile, A Chinese made hand grenade was early this morning found at the residence of special contractor Naorem Jugindro, s/o (l) Bimachand of Temtha Khunjao after some persons who identified themselves as KCP (MTF) cadres had threatened wife of Jugindro last night.

According to a source, the persons arrived at the house of Jugindro last night at around 9:30pm asking if he was present, however when his wife replied that he was not at home, the persons left after threatening her to asked her husband to stop working for Hemanta local MLA.

Later early this morning the hand greande was found from the sofa by family members, the source added.



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