IMC councilors resolve to fully stand in favour of Birjit


IMPHAL, October 4: The councilors of Imphal Municipal Council (IMC) vehemently condemned the assault on councilor ward number 23, Birjit Loushambam by workers of minister Y. Irabot Singh including his son, asserting it as an assault on the entire IMC establishment.

A press conference was held in this connection today at the IMC office.

Briefing media persons IMC spokesperson, Raghumani, said that a meeting of the councilors was held today in connection with the assault and allegation on Birjit. The meet unanimously refuted the allegation made by Yumkham Sarojbala, d/o minister Y Irabot against councilor Birjit, of assaulting her, he said.

As per the resolution the council further condemned the attitude meted out against an elected representative by a minister’s daughter stating the charges leveled against Birjit were baseless and unfounded. The council further resolved that it would stand by Birjit Loushangbam.

The councilors have acquired a video footage taken by a mobile phone camera which could prove the innocence of Birjit and contradict the claims made against the councilor, further said the spokesperson.

While stating that the incident aims to tarnish the image and reputation of IMC, the councilors urged to prevent similar incidents in the future.

In the meantime, talking to IFP Loushembam Birjit who is currently being hospitalized for head and neck injury at Raj Poly clinic, North AOC after the physical assault meted out against him, said he has been wrongly highlighted in media.  

He clarified that he never assaulted the minister’s daughter and all the charges against him are baseless and unfounded.

He recalled that he was returning home after attending a social work on October 2 when a Tata DI Truck blocked the road at Khurai Tongbram leirak. Just ahead of him were three vehicles including a Maruti esteem of Sarojbala, before adding that as he was in a hurry he had horned.

The horn however was mistaken by Sarojbala who step out of her car and taunted him. She identified herself as a minister’s daughter and not to dare underestimate her by a mere councilor like him, alleged Birjit.

Birjit further alleged that the altercation turn ugly when Sarojbala used abusive words against him. Birjit confessed angered by the humiliating words used against him he had gone to saying that he could have beaten Sarojbala if she were a man.

Shortly he left the place when suddenly he was chased by two cars and overtook him. The occupants of the car led by Sarojbala’s brother assaulted him heavily inside his own car, he alleged.

Had it not been for the intervention of the local people of the area, things could have been worst, further alleged Birjit.

He also said that he had filed a written complaint the same day to take up legal action against four persons identified as one Chingangbam Premananda alias Amuba Singh and Chingangbam Inaoba Singh s/o Ch. Kirankumar Singh of Khurai Thangjam Leikai, Thongam Surjit alias Sana s/o (L) Th. Tombi Singh of Nongmeibung Bazaar and Yumkham Rosho Singh, s/o Y Irabot Singh of Khurai Ahongei Leikai.

Of the four Chingangbam Premananda has a previous criminal record, he further stated.

Birjit lamented that despite the complaint no action is visible so far.

He also lauded the support rendered to him from every angle.


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