Is our law enforcing programme valid?


Leader writer: Leivon Jimmy
The law and order system in the state apparently is becoming an endless ‘Drama’ often shrouded with mysterious and odd incidents, which only degrades the morale of the entire law enforcing establishments besides faith of the people in them.

For the past few days the law enforcement agencies is hitting the limelight however not for a good reason.

Let us start with the recent escape of the commander in chief of KCP MTF, Sunil Meitei, from Porompat police station in Imphal East district. The first and foremost questioned is how on earth an inmate of a small lockup packed with other inmates manages to dug up the concrete floor using a makeshift tool and escaped from the fortified police station which also shares its complex with our elite police commandos brothers.

The Imphal East Police complex at Porompat still being haunt with its ill record of a police personnel found bludgeon to death inside his sentry post and snatch away his weapon unnoticed.

There is only one conclusion everywhere, be it in the tea stalls-amongst gossipers- intellectuals-analyst, to the mystery of the great escapes that is an “inside track”. This practice is the most effective means to achieve goal, known to man since time immemorial in corruption infested society.

Or If one wants to pretend to be wiser than the rest, they can call it ‘Houdini’s trick’.

Relatively, another frequent exposure the establishment (law enforcing) gets every now and then is ‘nexus’ between militants or similar. Surprisingly sometimes nexus seems to be very passive as exposure are made of security personnel being used by militants to carry out terrorism related activities like killing, exploding bombs etc.

The most often and common form of disturbing behaviour of the law enforcers is the lack of discipline and abuse of powers for their personnel gains. For some being in force (security forces) means ‘power’ to do anything contradicting to the obligation and responsibility one should strictly abide to.

Report of the arrest of three MR personnel along with weapons deserting their camp without informing its higher authority, Involvement of a Jemander 4th IRB personnel in alleged assault and intimidation of workers of a minister using a pistol in unauthorized manner, seems to fits in best when the issue of power abuse and lack discipline arises.    

Despite being taken disciplinary actions or suspension or whatever deemed fit by the higher authority against erring security personnel such incidents frequents without anticipating the consequences.

Are these indications that the policy or programme intends to keep the force organize has gone wrong? Government should seriously look into the matter as priority basis, for security means safety of the people and the state.

So frequent these incidents are it has raised eyebrows on the credibility and sanctity of the law enforcing agencies in the state. At the same time, with activities of few indiscipline and dishonest personnel the morale of the devoted and discipline majority in the forces has been compromised.


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