JAC demands Y Sarojbala to support her claim of assualt with evidence


IMPHAL, October 6: The JAC against the Brutal Assault of Councilor, IMC ward No.23 while strongly opposing the charges made against the councilor, Loushanbam Birjit, has asked Y. Sarojbala to produce evidence supporting her allegation made against the Birjit.

The JAC conveyed a meeting today at the Khurai Thangjam Leirak residence of the councilor in connection with the incident, which was also attended by women folk of the locality.

A press meet was held after the meeting wherein the JAC produced individuals claiming to be witnesses of the incident that occurred on October 2.

Jayalaxmi Moirangthem, a self proclaimed witness of the said incident said that all she saw was heated argument between Birjit and Sarojbala after which the later left the scene. “Birjit did not assault her”.

RK Ibeyaima another self proclaimed witness claimed that on hearing the heated argument between the two she along with some of the local elders intervene to prevent any untoward incident between the two.

She further stated that Bembem alias Sarojbala left the scene after the argument was neutralized by local elders, however minutes later she came in a gypsy followed by some male companions.

The Gypsy followed Birjit who also left the place and overtook him and assaulted him, she further said.

The JAC members further said that “we are not in favour of anyone however we will confront any false allegation”.

The JAC alleged that the truth with regards to the incident is kept suppressed using muscle power. They also demanded evidence from Sarojbala to support her allegation of Birjit assaulting her.

The president of the JAC, Th. Keinahal Devi, stated that it is very unfortunate that, Sarojbala, a lecturer of a Law College had used force instead of taking legal help which has proved that she has no respect for Law herself and is not fit to be a Law teacher.  

She maintained that the existence of a so-called Wangkhei Kendra Apunba Nupi Lup as appeared in some of the local daily today in favour of Sarojbala, is not kwon to them.

The Lup popped up from out of the blue in an attempt to divert and misguide the public from the truth behind the incident, she alleged.

She condemned the forming of such organization asserting it has been formed to malign the whole women community of Wangkhei constituency. The JAC also fully endorsed the recent decision resolved by the IMC to stand by Birjit firmly, maintained the JAC president.


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