Last Chapter of Sadar Hills!


    By: G .S .Oinam
    There is old saying”one should not unfold the valuable teaching if the hearers are not interested”. The word “Om” is Brahma with attributes; it is the same as supreme creator beyond attributes. Knowing this very word “Om”, whatever a man seeks, that he obtains according to Hindu Shastra. In the same manner, those believers in Jesus Christ with true spirit are saved. How do you do prayer to God? Praise the lord! Praise the lord! Hallelujah! Right? Now, you said it; protest the God! Protest the God! God is bad; he did not give us wealth, freedom and light. You have changed the rules of prayers—God must be nervous. Don’t protest like horror scene—waking up groups of evils death from the graves!

    Apply the same in your society, state and country. Suppose, if you were the CM—will you favour the men who always said CM is bad. Of course, there are parents who always take care of naughty children—naughty children have extra tricks to love them. You must have that extra tricks or you will get punishment like donkey treatment.” Peeney wallongko peeney ka bahana chahiyee” (those who want to drink must do some tricks to get drink).

    Know that—there exists a world of difference between a saint and a philosopher’s stone; while the latter converts iron into gold, the former casts’ one in his own mold.

    Like young stag wants to play his newly grew antlers—state’s young people( including young researchers) want to test/apply small, small new things, thought, idea– they saw, they know, they feel, they learn into the society. But do you ever ask yourself how experience yourself to handle difficult move and risk factors—my dear young men? There are many theories and some of them are successful in the laboratory but failed in the market; some of them may be good but old fashion—everything requires time, space and opportunity.

    Very well! Thangkholet Haokip’s propaganda on “my response to one way for no way land” is not bad.  But, he needs some improvement. His type of propaganda is called “Glittering generalities” It implies the use of appealing words giving no concrete idea of what the words are talking about. Oh! My God!  He used to punch G.S.Oinam 6 times in a short 1500 words article. G.S.Oinam is a pen name of somebody–pen name can be change anytime if you really hurt. This pen name is very bad—already honoured many titles- James Bond, Kabar Singh, Jailbird, Uchi Morok ( hot small chilly), Mangoljao( scolding people sitting at the veranda) and many others. But I am not writing for my popularity or awards or rewards. But, I support you when people feel weak and hurt but don’t follow my style it is really difficult.

    My explanation to you is that— if SHDDC have lost trust to successive and present government, then why you are demanding to trust deficit government. Election is on card; chose your right candidate, right leader who can declare Sadar hills district. Further, SHDDC does not study well how it was failed in the past what are the methods government had used and what is the winning strategy. Committee on Reorganization of Administrative and Police Boundary (CRA & PB) is formed not only for Sadar hills but for re-examine all districts of Manipur. Only the question is how strong and powerful and effective CRA & PB is? Why not, Anna Hazari can win the battle of Jan Lokpal Bill with the support of people power without any violence. Why can’t Sadar hills people do? Violence has all time negative impact. You never care about the suffering of the people both in valley and hills because of your agitation. There are many things to discuss peacefully among stakeholders before declaration of Sadar hills district especially main protesters like Nagas. CRA&PB is a forum for discussion and dialogue; if you don’t like CRA&PB then please talk to Nagas directly and bring a an understanding to declared Sadar hills district. You must be aware well that we don’t want more conflict and violence because of district bifurcation. Also, Sadar hills district demand committee has to explain to the people why they are so serious on district bifurcation and what happen to the present ADC status–answer must be justified. Everything can be done peacefully. It is batter late than never. There is no archaic method in my formula–action research is not an archaic method—it is one of the best methods practicing in India and rest of the world. Lastly, your demand has multi conflict messages-your answer to my questions will separate conflict messages. But, appreciate for some of the changes in your game plan—message is positive, I like it.

    I believe O. Ibobi must be willing to declare Sadar hills a district status–he must be waiting opportunity, favourable timing and good position. Wait for till date. Government is a team work of his cabinets- he alone can do nothing; differences in opinion among cabinets may not be able to take quick and good decision. Make him strong and powerful to do it. Or, accept to my formula of CRA&PB action plan. Or, refer the matter of Sadar hills district creation to home ministry to include in GOI and NSCN (IM) dialogue.

    Don’t worry for highway blockade; another party is waiting in the list to continue indefinite highway blockade after you lifted. It is only about your mindset and your willingness to sacrifice highway blockade for the interest of the people.

    There are three things in common 1) sense of security 2) sense of belonging and 3) sense of dominating. Sense of belonging and sense of security must have to every body I agree with you. But sense of dominating—I disagree; one should not try to dominate others—people must be equal that is why I support your district bifurcation. It is fine; you have learned how to draw a fine map. Further, you must learn how to prepare a development model and its road map.

    Don’t try to ignore my words—you are unhappy because you feel hurt when I speak you the truth suddenly. But I must speak the truth. At the end—you will come to my words.

    Frankly speaking, you are demanding Sadar hills district hood  consistently for 40 years but you will require another 40 years to get your demand success in case the struggle is continue on the same method you are practicing today. Your demand is nothing but an aggression to the weakness of SPF government—everybody knows and the chapter of Sadarian will closed automatically.


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