Manipur blockade: Why is the Centre silent?


[box color=”green”]In Manipur, petrol costs Rs 170 a litre, LPG Rs 2000 a cylinder. There is usually no power. Households run on gensets, and yet many across India just don’t seem to care. Why is Manipur falling off the map of India? We discuss…. – NDTV [/box]



  1. we need to think the situation in manipur, govt of India playing the game of divide and rules policy amongst different community, tribal, cultivating hates campaign. we are one, nothing to change, united we stand firm we will win the race, divided they will laugh as us . with mature understanding we need to find out united.

  2. The persons who are responsible for such critical situation in Manipur need to think and act something accordingly for better people of Manipur because Manipur has become one of the worst state in all prospects among the states of India.

  3. Manipur govt pairiba gentleman singduda phajana phamlaga meaning khangdaba yaurabasu translator/s yaouraga clip si amuktang yenghanbirabadi onthokna penjakranidako


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