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MPP continues protest against state govt and Governor

IMPHAL, October 3: Condemning the state government and the Governor for failing to act in the interest of the common people who have been suffering extremely due to economic blockade, the Manipur People’s Party (MPP) staged a one-day hunger strike at its head-office today.

Speaking to media persons, MPP president Dr Nimaichand Luwang stated that the people of Manipur continue to suffer due to misgovernance of the state government.
The Governor has also remained silent despite of so many memorandums urging him to look into the grievances of the common people, he said.
Nimaichand Luwang further maintained that the party had sent on September 22 an appeal memorandum to the President of India, through the Governor, apprising the office of the prevailing situation and seeking intervention in bringing a solution to the vexed Sadar Hills issue that has stalled the national highways for a straight 62 days now.
“Unfortunately, the party has not received any intimation from either the central or the state governments on its intention and willingness to address the issue,” he said.
“The central government is stoic silent on the issue and the Governor too has chosen to look away even as the economic blockade enters its 62 days today, making life miserable for the people of the state,” Nimaichand asserted.
While condemning the attitude as “misplaced priority”, MPP president sought the recall of the Governor and imposition of President’s Rule in the state.
“Since the incumbent SPF state government is not governing the state in the interest of the people, it must be dissolved and a PR brought in the state,” he said, and added that “at least a PR will serve better to the people as it is better placed to bring an end to the ongoing economic blockade.”
The MPP would continue to protest against the state government and the Governor if the issue of economic blockade is not resolved as soon as possible.



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