`Nagas ready for meeting with SHDDC to bring understanding`


IMPHAL, October 6 (Newmai News Network): The Naga people in Sadar Hills area of Senapati district have strengthened their stand against the formation of Sadar Hills district and vowed to shed blood for the cause of their land, saying the Nagas will not compromise with anyone over their land.

A sit-in-protest was staged against the creation of Sadar Hills district at Makhan village  which was participated by hundreds of people on Thursday. The protest demonstration was organized by ‘the people inhabiting in the so called Sadar Hills area of Senapati district, Manipur’.

T. Disinang, a leader of Liangmei Naga Council, who was speaking during the sit-in-protest cum public meeting, said that they would not compromise with anybody over their land.

“Chief Minister O Ibobi is trying to create problems among the tribals. The Ibobi- led Government is also attempting to include the foot hills areas inhabited by tribals into Imphal East and Imphal West districts”, he alleged.

“We are ready to shed our blood to defend our land and there will be no compromise on it. The Nagas will not surrender our rights”, Disinang asserted.

“The Sadar Hills area has its additional Deputy Commissioner and gets every facility just like any other districts in the state. Why demand for separate district?”, questioned Chance Raikhan, president, Saikul Area Naga People Organisation.

He said what was the reason behind as to why the 117 Naga villages were not invited before the demand for formation of Sadar Hills district was made.

Raikhan also expressed willingness to hold a joint meeting over the issue between the leaders of different Naga organisations and Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee ( SHDDC) to bring a clear understanding.

He said they came out to protest and voice against SHDDC’s demand because it has kept on saying that the people who have been opposing against the creation of Sadar Hills district are outsiders, meaning those who are not residing in Sadar Hills areas.

“The voice of United Naga Council ( UNC) is our voice. We oppose the creation of Sadar Hills district by carving out Senapati district”, he further said.

Slogans like “ We oppose Sadar Hills district creation”, “Honour the MoU”(signed between the Naga people 

And the state Government), “ No inclusion in valley districts” were shouted by the gathering mostly from Saikul, Saitu and Kangpokpi assembly constituencies.


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