Nobody gains by provoking situation: Dr Shurhozelie


By Oken Jeet Sandham

KOHIMA, Oct 19 (NEPS): Nagaland Minister for Urban Development Dr Shurhozelie termed as unfortunate the Naga people’s still inability to come together. He said when “something is still wrong, we don’t still speak.” At this rate, he wondered, as to how the proposed Naga National Government would come about.

Interacting with media persons here at his private residence Wednesday, the Minister stated that the Naga leaders had to be very
careful in their “utterances and deeds. He said “Nobody will gain anything by provoking the situation.”
The veteran regionalist, who had witnessed the Naga political developments for half-a-century, said the “Nagas would have perished long time back.” “But we survived because we have good numbers of believers,” he disclosed.
Expressing his regret on the recent development between the ruling NPF MLA Azheto Zhimomi and the NSCN (K), he called upon them to sort out any difference they had through dialogue.
The NPF chief explained that it might not be quite proper on the part of the MLA tackling the situation because above him, there was a party he belonged to and the Government he was part of.

Dr Shurhozelie, who is also President of the ruling NPF party, said, “Everyone has chance to solve any problem if we meet.” He further said the party and the Government was here to help everybody.He also disclosed that the current matter between the party MLA and the NSCN (K) was yet to bring to the notice of the party as well as Government.
“We are sincere while talking about Naga political problem,” he said. “At the same time, we also want the people including the Naga national workers to appreciate our stand also.”

He also said the Center was sincere to resolve the Naga political issue. “Now the ball is in the court of the Naga people,” he added.Stating that putting threat on the life of MLA Azheto Zhimomi would not solve the problem, Dr Shurhozelie, while pointing out that he (Azheto Zhimomi) might have committed some mistakes, “yet there is every chance for meeting between the parties concerned and settle the differences amicably.”

“In the interest of the Naga people as a whole, one should not be too hasty in judging things,” the NPF chief said calling upon the Naga national workers to “make judgment things by themselves and not on hearsay or what other say.”
At the same time, they had also been discussing and asking their party (NPF) members to remain true to the principles of the party and also remain “neutral,” Dr Shurhozelie said. “But if you want to act as facilitator, we can’t keep ourselves isolated. We have to meet people.”


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