Phungyar MLA Wungnaoshang to contest assembly election from MSCP ticket


IMPHAL, October 5: Phungyar MLA Wungnaoshang Keishing has today announced that he will contest the coming 10th Assembly Election from Manipur State Congress Party. 

The announcement was made during a one-day political conference of Phungyar assembly constituency cum blessing ceremony held today at Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen, Palace Compound, Imphal.

Large number of security personnel including CID officers were deployed to prevent any untoward incident during the conference which was attended by the members of village authorities, pastors, church leaders as well as leaders of women’s and students’ unions of Phungyar.

Wungnaoshang further stated that he has brought substantial development to Phungyar assembly constituency during his tenure as an MLA. He would try to bring more development even in the remote villages of the constituency.

He also appealed to the people of Phungyar to re-elect him in the coming assembly election and entrust him the responsibility of serving the people of the state.

Ex-minister Vivek Raj stated that the MSCP strongly condemns the UPA and SPF government for failing to act in the interest of the common people at the time of extreme adversities in the state.

There can be no development in the state by only constructing some markets and bridges in and around Imphal city, he averred.

He said that MSCP welcomes the Lok-Pal bill to curb corruption in the country, especially in Manipur where the rate of corruption is very high.

The people of Phungyar adopted a resolution to support Wungnaoshang in the forthcoming 10th Manipur Lagislative Assembly Election saying, “We, the people of Phungyar unanimously endorse Wungnaoshang Keishing to choose an appropriate and most suitable political platform whereby the same platform could facilitated and accommodated different views and opinions in the larger interest of all” and further the meet unequivocally authorize W. Keishing to strive for the over-all development and social upliftment in all aspect.

Rev. R. Rashangdang administered blessings for success in the election to MLA Wungnaoshang.

It may be mentioned that Wungnaoshang Keishing was first elected in the year 2003 from MSCP ticket and as an independent MLA in 2007 with support from United Naga Council (UNC).

Some militants had also ambushed him few months back in which six security personnel were killed.


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