SDO alleged of MGNERGS fund embezzlement


IMPHAL, October 7: The Khullen Khailet Village Authority of Chakpikarong Block in Chandel district has alleged the SDO/PO (MGNREGS) of Chakpikarong Block of embezzling Rs.10,50,000 from the wages of MGNREGS job card holders.

Addressing media persons today at Manipur Press Club, chairman of Khullen Khailet Village Authority, Nehkhojang Haokip stated that on September 26, 2011, SDO P Sana Singh disbursed 30 days wage of MGNREGS to 26 job card holders only out of 60 households registered for job card. The amount of wage per job card holder is Rs. 3780 for 30 days but had disbursed only Rs. 1600 to each job card holder.

He alleged that P Sana had misappropriated Rs. 2180 each from 26 job card holders and the whole amount of Rs. 3780 from 34 other job card holders totaling Rs. 1,85,200 from the wages of MGNREGS, 2011-12. The SDO had also misappropriated Rs. 1,00,800 from the material component of MGNREGS fund.

Nahkhojang further maintained that the SDO has taken most of the card holders’ signature in the form of APR and it was written on the registration book that they have received the wage amount for 30 days in full.

Besides, the SDO had deducted Rs. 150 per job card holder of Chakpikarong Block for hill house tax for three years. Most of the village had cleared the tax but he had forcibly deducted the said amount taking the advantage of the office of programme officer, the chief noted.

Nehkhojang also clarified that the hill house tax for one year per household is only Rs. 15 and for three years it should be only Rs. 45.

He further demanded the authorities concerned to take strict action against the officer involved in fund embezzlement of rural job card holders.


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