SHGs should join hands with NGOs to be more beneficial for general public says Hemochandra


IMPHAL, October 4: The People for Social Development today organized the 2nd foundation day of the Socio-Economic Empowerment Project at the new conference hall of Imphal Hotel.

The speaker Manipur Legislative Assembly I Hemochandra Singh who attended the function as the chief guest stated that even though the a normal Manipuri wears fashionable clothes and look good from the outside, when one look inside their houses, it is almost empty. He further mentioned that the developing of the Self Help Groups in the state is a good sign as such groups are helping the people of the state stand on their feet.

He further elaborated that the Self Help Groups should join hands with the NGOs in the state, which would be more beneficial for both the general public and the SHGs and NGOs.

He further stated that some NGOs and the government provide the SHGs with loans and they should understand that they should repay their loans in time so as to take more loans and help the general public.

The speaker further stated that it is high time that the people realized that depending always on the government even for simple things or personal issues is not good. The government should be allowed to concentrate more on bigger issues concerning a locality, a district or the state.

He further requested NABARD to provide help to the SHGs so that they could further expand their workings and help the people especially the womenfolk of the state.

The function was presided over by Prof. N Mohendro Singh, former member, steering committee, NER vision, 2020, while Koijam Ibochouba Singh, general manager, IUCB, MG Avenue and Shankar Nemlekar, regional manager, NABARD and GP Prasad, HOD commerce dept, MU as guests of honour.


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