Singhat aspiring candidate flag-offs campaign


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, October 23: An aspiring candidate for the 60 Singngat assembly constituency in the forthcoming 10th Legislative Assembly election, Chinlunthang an advocate by profession and son of Late Thangkhanlal ex-MLA/minister from the same constituency for four consecutive terms since the year 1972-1998 had flag off his campaign in a grand and well attended function held at the Singngat main market areas from 11: am of October 22.

The function attended by his supporters whose number has been estimated to be that of a little less than 5000 witnessed participation from about one hundred village chiefs, besides artists/ singers which included the famed and oldest singer Jangkholam who has been singing since the last 48 years. A big community feast was also organized at the end of the function.

My father might have committed mistakes that caused displeasures to many of you and for that I render my apology to all of you said Chinlunthang amidst a big applause as he started addressing the crowds and then added that he (My Father) hasn’t leave me behind any wealth but you all are the treasures which my dad has bequeathed for me and for the matter you all are my valuable assets, he added.

Urging the people not to be misled by the various propagandas, he said the coming election is a golden chance for a golden change and so make good use of it.

He said this is the time to choose leaders with vision while telling the people that there are some politicians who contest an election and then disappears if they do not make it and never cared for the people while the second type of politicians will try to buy the peoples vote and make the people suffer after getting elected while the third type of politicians try to get elected with the help of UG nexus thereby bringing sufferrings to the people even if they are elected.

We need education particularly elementary education for students in the hill areas but due to failure of the governments school many students of remote areas today are coerced to stay at town areas away from parents control to study in good private schools where they are charged exorbitantly as school fees thus making the price of education high inspite of the fact that compulsory education for children has been made a fundamental rights he said.

He said changes in farming as well as economy has to be introduced while maintaining the land they are inhabiting is one of the most fertile and productive one and if they are exploited properly it will ensure a vibrant economy to the people.

Stating that politics should be based on issues and not on communal, caste ,creed , religion , dialect lines and so on he maintained otherwise there will always be discord and tension among the people.

Talking about the Manipur Village Authority Act he said though in various provision of the act nothing is mention about the chief’s position when it is actually enforced it will end the village chiefs, their rights and power and when this happen it will jeopardised the much prized communal harmony in the state and that will further result in many adverse consequences further maintaining that even the MDC under the ADC has no power to enact laws due to which they cant do anything to benefit the people they represent.

Earlier a blessing prayer was administered upon him by reverend Suanzalam from PCI(R)


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