State BJP team to demand Rs 30,000/month special subsidy for every household during meet with PM


IMPHAL, Oct 19: A team of the Manipur Pradesh Bharatiya Janata party led by its president Sh Santikumar Sharma alongwith the party’s national leaders will highlight the problems of the state to the Prime Minister during a meeting at New Delhi on October 21.

Speaking to media persons during a press conference held this afternoon at the party’s state office at Nityaipat Chuthek, Santikumar Sharma elaborated that the team will further highlight the problems faced by the common people of the state due to the prolonged economic blockade and its counter blockade imposed along the national highways of the state.

He further informed that with help from the party national leaders, the team has been able to manage an appointment with the Prime Minister for October 21.

“The team will be accompanied by opposition leader of Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj and other leaders of the party during the meet with the Prime Minister”.

The team will also submit a memorandum demanding an amicable solution to the Sadar Hills issue which has resulted in the imposition of economic blockade and counter blockade, he informed the media persons.

It will further demand the central government to stop the black-marketing and hoardings of essential commodities in the state which had brought an artificial scarcity of essential commodities in the state during the blockade.

The team will also demand from the central government to book the individuals involved in the black-marketing of essential commodities in the state as per the law, he informed further.

The team will also demand a special subsidy of Rs 30,000 per month for every household of the state as compensation of the losses incurred during the economic blockade and the counter blockade.

Criticizing the silence of the SPF government on the economic blockade, he added that the present situation in the state is that of a lawless state with total failure of the government administration.

Further briefing the media persons, he informed that the BJP can understand that the people want a change in the political scenario in the state, and as such the party is trying to mobilize support for the party for the coming general election.


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