State will be able to export fish after two-three years: MD Allauddin


IMPHAL, October 27: The Fish fair cum fish crop completion as in previous years was also held today on the eve of Ningol Chakouba at Hapta Kangjeibung today.

Fisheries minister, Md Allauddin Khan while speaking after the inauguration of the fair stated that in another two-three years the state fisheries department will be able to export fishes to outside states.

The minister further stated that drying up of numerous lakes and other water bodies in the state had adversely affected the production of fish in the state. However with numerous schemes and loans provided to the fish farmers of the state along with the provision of items used in fish rearing, the fisheries department and the state government has been able to produce 21 metric tones out of the 30 metric tones consumed by the state.

He further stated that the availability of fish in state even as prices of other commodities are sky-rocketing due to the economic blockade imposed along the national highways of the state is a glaring example of the works taken up by the department.  

Fisheries director, K Saratkumar in his welcome address informed that altogether 65 stalls including a separate stall of the SBI and a farmer stall have been opened in the fish fair cum fish crop competition this year. The fish fair will be selling and showcasing a total of 60,000 kgs of fish.

The SBI stall has been put up to provide information on the various loans available for fish farmers in the state.

He further added that the fisheries department has been organizing the fish fair every year on the eve of Ningol Chakkouba since 1976.

During the fair a kg of Rou cost Rs 150 while a kg of Grass Carp cost Rs 140. A kg of Common Carp cost Rs 130 while a Pengba was available for Rs 500 per kg and Ngaton at Rs 400 a kg.

The first position holder during the fish crop competition was awarded with Rs 60,000, while the second and the third position holders received Rs 40,000 and Rs 30,000 respectively. 25 consolation prize winners were awarded with Rs 5000 each during the fish fair cum fish crop completion.


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