`Sweet shops not adhering to quality control`


IMPHAL October 7: Shop-owners conducting business at the bazaar areas should identify their shops by writing their registered names in English and Manipuri, a press release of the Consumer Club Manipur has stated.

It has further warned that shops found violating the norm will be held liable under the Manipur Trade Article (Licensing and Control) order of 1986.

The club has notified that many shops selling sweets inclusive of jalebees, ladus, halwa are using chemical agents to make the products look more attractive.

A recent report has confirmed that such chemicals contain Rodamin-B, Malakite green and Metalin yellow which causes cancer in human beings.

Shops selling edible items without proper class enclosure are also liable to be held under the Food and Eating Houses Act 1957.

It has also stated that the bakeries selling products without proper packaging and without manufacture and expiry dates are also punishable under the Standard Weight and Measure (Packaging Commodities) rule 1977.

The club has warned that if any establishments are found violating the norms, the Manipur Consumers’ Club will take legal actions in scheduled drives to be conducted soon, it said.

The club has also requested the transport associations to take the normal fares and not to impose extra charges upon the public for one reason or the other.

MCC appeals to the public to report any grievances related to consumer goods so that the MCC could take up exemplary action as required, it said.


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