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Tangkhul Katamnao Long Chennai Press Communique

The Tangkhul community of Chennai strongly feels disappointed when Ms.Sowon alias Lithaya along with other girls from Manipur and Nagaland were rescued by Tamil Nadu police on 6th of July, 2011 under the case of prostitution at Nemli Road Guest house and took them to Sriperumbedur, Chennai police station. Though they plead with the authorities repeatedly that they are innocent, they were not given any chance to prove their innocence. It is a case of frame up against those innocent girls.


Three days before they were pick up by police there was a quarrel between the owner of the guest house and his driver. We suspect that the driver might have given wrong report about them and the owner of the guest house to the police. If one look from legal point of view we can say that there is no proof that they are into flesh trade. It is only an assumption by the police and the authority.


We have conveyed this issue to our home state concern department to intervene for her immediate release but there is no response from Manipur state government and the concern department so far. The concern authorities are sleeping over the matter for months, denying assistance and we believe that this is a serious violation of human rights.

Miss Sowon comes from a poor family of Tangkhul-Naga community. Her father being illiterate and a paralytic patient leaves her no choice but to face several mental traumas, injustice and the sense of isolation from the society .The lack of government assistance, concern and social neglect will further cause mental frustration and will deprive her rights. It is indeed high time that government of Manipur should do something positive to improve the living conditions of their subjects- called citizens of the land.


We, on behalf of Tangkhul Students’ Union, Chennai appeals to NGO’s, Human rights, Manipur Govt and the public to look into the matter immediately and help in releasing her as soon as possible..




Lunghar Jajo                                                        Ngakuiring Raising
President                                                               General Secretary

Tangkhul Students’ Union, Chennai.               Tangkhul Students’ Union, Chennai

[box color=”blue”] The above appeal was sent to Kangalonline by Lemyao Shimray[/box]



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