The Hindu right wing extremists have everything but brains

ABVP workers come in and attack the peaceful protest march . Click to view the gallery : Photo Credit: Save Sharmila Campaign

By: Rajesh Hijam

In fact God must have conveniently forgotten to give them any grey matter in the first place, since the all knowing Almighty was pretty sure that they would want to turn the grey to Saffron. Not colour blind, just blinded by the sight of Isms or else how does one explain their
obsession with the left overs of the Gora Sahibs, a brain child of the Angrezis-AFSPA.

Here is how the address from a leader to the cadres of the Hindu right wing extremists went off.

How dare these people demand the repeal of AFSPA ?

It is our birth right. It was bequeathed to us by the Gora Sahibs. It is our inheritance.

I don’t know what AFSPA stands for nor do I care. What matters is no one has the right to take away something which our Master left us.

These people are not only ungrateful wretches but traitors.

A thunderous thumping of the boots follows. Some of the over zealous cadres break the heels of the boots, kicking up more dust in the thumping exercise. The hand goes up and there was bootdrop silence, punctuated by the cursing against the shoe makers for manufacturing boots with such weak heels.

My boys, I stand here today because I have eaten well. I can do that.

That Ladki Sharmila cannot do this, because she has been fasting.

Eat well is what our Papa and Mama taught us. This repeal AFSPA wallahs are enemies of the State. They want to damn and kill our soldiers. This is not fair.

If we allow them to kill our soldiers then where will we find Coffingate ?

Who will fight and die for our Kargil ? How will we receive the used boots ?

These people demanding the repeal of AFSPA want to rob the vestiges of our existence and right to live as the rest of the people.

Another thunderous thumping of the boots follows, though this time the cadres wise up to the fact that the heels of their boots can break.

We need to teach them a lesson.

Don’t they know that we were the ones who dug up the Wankhede stadium when the BCCI decided to play cricket with our enemy from across the border ?

Has everyone forgotten the glorious history of how none of us ventured out from the safety of our bed covers when soldiers from the North East States were killed while protecting us at Kargil ?

What do these people think ?

Leave the eastern front unguarded and reduce us to easy targets ?

What is so wrong with the arrangement that allows these people to be killed and their women raped because we want our security here ?

Some people can be so selfish !

The cadres look on dumbly, but are nevertheless fired up by the fiery speech of their leader.

The ugliest of the lot, standing at the back and scratching his head says,

Yeh NE wallahko Sharm Nahin Ati Hain

‘Enough of this. We did not stick our neck out during the attack at Mumbai in 2009 so why should we do it now ?

We are Nationalists,patriots.

Why can’t these people understand this simple point ? Since they do not want to listen to us, go and ransack the shops, pick up all the eggs and tomatoes, single out the good ones and keep them for us to eat and use the bad ones to be used as missiles against these ingriates. For the sake of our lives and security let’s raise the slogan Long Live AFSPA.’

The air rend with the slogan of Long Live AFSPA.

Even as the slogan rang through, long after the dust kicked up by the thumping boots had settled, the dhoti clad, pot bellied, 21st century version of political leader spat out his pan juice on the floor with the dexterity achieved only after years of practise and exclaimed,

How dare these people demand the rights that we enjoy ?

Such upstarts. What is the world coming to ?

No decorum, no manners these people have,’ and turning to his close chamchas uttered in the same breathe, ‘We have to pass the Bill to ensure the protection and security of the stray dogs. We are the largest democracy in the world and what will the world say if we allow the stray dogs to get run over by speeding vehicles on the highways ?’

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  1. With respect to Madhu. Irom Sharmila shared a correspondence with Anna Hazare two Gandhians deep speaking unto deep. She had complained about the interference of bureaucrats with their artifices and that meeting now seems less likely. But the proposed meeting like the satyagraha has nothing to do with bureaucrats. If it happens it will be about spiritual force. Who wanted that meeting to happen? No one either in Team Anna or what the media refer to as Team Sharmila has ever been in favour of it. And yes India has its problems with communalism bigotry Sharmila has always been opposed to confrontation and abuse. I will work with the devil to secure the end of AF(SP)A and her freedom. But you’re not suggesting anything constructive. Manipur is Manipur and it has sufficient problems which will need all the talented sons and daughters it claims to have to return and resolve. For now Sharmila campaigns for AF(SP)A repeal. Next year again all adult Manipuris resident in Manipur will have the chance to end AF(SP)A in Manipur and to send Delhi a mandate that enables its removal from the Statute books of the Indian Republic. Ask your prospective MLAs to pledge to lift Disturbed Area Status from all of Manipur and never to ask for the Status again until or unless AF(SP)A is repealed. Troops may be needed but not if they need immunity from investigation or prosecution of war crimes against their own citizens. This is not my plan it was first suggested by Mr Pillai the former Home Secretary when he realized the consensus needed between Cabinet and the Army was not going to be realized. The only way to push past the deadlock is for Manipuris to act on their words. Can you be inspired by the Arab Spring, can you vote for change. Instead of repeating the mantra that Manipuris are so few the one billion Mayangs don’t care what we think teach your children that in 2012 Manipuris led the way for all India, that Manipuris liberated the whole of India from the AF(SP)A. But if all you want is to ban Mr Hazare from coming and burn a newspaper your job is done what would you do next?

  2. Hi Rajesh,

    when those who wanted Anna Hazare to help Sharmila’s cause, I have told them that they gone to the wrong person. That is what we are seeing right now.

    BJP tried North East Support Centre & Helpline to join their North East India Sampark, we have declined because we have nothing to do with communal politics.

    Then, unconciously, many Hindutva groups are taking their root in Manipur like OM Shanti and others. We must understand their ideolog and refrain them otherwise we will see in Manipur what happened in Gujarat, Orissa and Karnataka.


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