Troubled University


Leader Writer: Hrishikesh Angom
A university should have a tranquil environment conducive for higher studies and learning. A person should sense the tranquil academic atmosphere once he enters the university campus regardless of the outside world. However, such things are far away from Manipur University which is a premier central university in the state. In fact, Manipur University is in a troubled state with disturbances from all angles. The university campus has been turned into a fortified compound heavily guarded by armed security personnel 24X7, but still the students and teachers are not secure. People need to question the efficiency of security guards at Manipur University.

Recently a drunken police officer along with his escorts barged into the men’s hostel and bullied students which led to a heated confrontation between the police and the hostellers. The incident clearly indicates the troubled environment of the university where the hostellers are subjected to disturbance rather than providing the right environment for their studies. It is really a disheartening situation and so the Manipur University authorities should take up effective measures to avert such unwanted incident in the future. At the same time the state police department should severely deal with such irresponsible officers. They should be taught the real principle of “police” whose duty is to safeguard the people rather than frightening them.

Moreover, the non-constitution of Manipur University Students’ Union (MUSU) is a drawback to the welfare of the students. Several students’ bodies of the state have been demanding the constitution of students’ union in this university, but this has not been fulfilled so far. It will be some sort of anti-student policy if the authorities do not constitute the students’ union even when there is an association for university contractors under the banner “Manipur University Contractors’ Association”. MUSU was dissolved in the aftermath of Prof Islammuddin’s murder in broad daylight inside the university campus. The gruesome incident often comes alive in the mind of the students when they look back at MUSU. The students’ union should be constituted once again and ensure a tranquil academic atmosphere to the students.

Apart from the students’ affairs, there is also an issue for contract works in the university. The confrontation amongst contractors sometimes disrupts the tranquil atmosphere of the university. There have been instances of kidnapping and attacking officials of Manipur University in connection with the contract works. All these factors lead to the troubled state of Manipur University. An educational institution is regarded as a temple of learning, but the highest learning centre of the state is afflicted with so many problems and issues.

It is high time for the authorities concerned to look into the loopholes of the university and transform the university from the troubled state to a tranquil place for higher learning and studies. Individuals, NGOs and other organizations should also render all possible help to ensure a free educational zone in Manipur University campus. It is a welcoming step that security measures have been beefed up in and around the university campus, but it should not give disturbance to the students. The security personnel should instead check entry of unwanted persons inside the campus in the name of visiting bank or post-office. It would be a great shame for the state if unwanted things continue to haunt the tranquil academic atmosphere of the university. Good things can be expected from the students only if they are given the right environment. The university as such should mould them to be responsible citizens of the country.



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