Two core members quit team Anna, miffed at `political` turn


NEW DELHI, Oct 18 (agencies): In fresh turmoil in Team Anna, two prominent activists P V Rajagopal and `Waterman` Rajinder Singh today quit its Core Committee objecting to the movement taking a “political turn” and claimed that it was mired in confusion.

The decision to launch anti-Congress campaign in Hisar, which both claimed was not taken by the Core Committee, appeared to be one of the reasons for these activists to quit the panel, though Rajagopal says that the team was “putting pressure” on him not to do so.

“I dissociate with the team. The team is turning political. There were statements indicating that including that on Hisar,” Singh said.

Rajagopal, who is in Kerala`s Attappadi as part of an all-India yatra for land rights, wrote to Core Committee convenor Arvind Kejriwal about his decision while Singh said he did not feel the need to write any such letter as he had not sought any membership in the first place.

The fresh trouble came amid Hazare`s flip-flop on Prashant Bhushan that the Core Committee will decide on the continuance of the lawyer, who had created a controversy by advocating plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir, in the team.

“I have sent in the letter expressing my difficulty in continuing in the team. They (the team) have told me not to take any decision like this. I am in the midst of an all-India yatra,” Rajagopal told PTI from Attappadi. Asked whether all the decisions by Team Anna were taken after due consultations, he said there was a problem in coordination.

“Every individual was speaking and it was team`s decision. There was no Core Group decision on Hisar. I will have difficulty in owning up decisions of individuals.”


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