`Villagers taking up road maintenance work due to government`s failure`


IMPHAL, October 16: A release of the Khousabung Youth Club signed by its president Hemang Khongsai has alleged that no government agencies have attended the road connecting Moirang to Khousabung even though it is just 5 kms long.

It has further alleged that the road has been black topped just once in 75 years, when the then President of India Dr Abdul Kalam landed at Bunglon High School on October 16, 2006. In a befitting tribute to the former people’s President, the people of the area have named the Moirang-Bunglon road as ‘Dr Kalam Road’, it further added.

“During the last 5 years since 2006, no repairing work has been ever done by the government. The people of the area have waited long wishing when the road will be repaired and black-topped again”, stated the release.

The release has further stated that the road acts as the lifeline of the people of Thangjing area comprising about 50 villages with a population of around 35 thousand.

In the midst of neglect and deprivation, the Khousabung Youth Club has taken the lead to repair the road themselves, with no assistance from the government, it has further asserted.

“Due to the bad condition of the road, hundreds of commuters are facing untold miseries while traveling along the road. For students who are studying in Moirang, travelling on this bumpy-humpy road is like a hell. For the poor village folks, who were going to Moirang bazaar for marketing, it’s a nightmare for them. For the traders, since Khousabung being the ‘capital’ of pineapple in the state, travelling on the road has been a devilish experience. For the larger public, the bad road condition is a death-knell for progress and development of the area” it further stated.

It has further stated that the people will not tolerate injustice for long and further appeal both the state and central government to repair the road at the earliest.


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