ZYF demands action on September 24 firing by suspected Kuki militants


IMPHAL, October 1: The Zeliangrong Youth Front in a press statement has charged the silence of the state government on the incident of suspected militants firing gunshots at the students of Chil Chil Theological Seminary located at Kanglatongbi on September 24 as ‘double standard’.

It has stated that the state government silence over the incident when suspected Kuki militants fired gunshots at students of the seminary and reportedly shouting “that is not your land, go away from this field” has exposed the double standard dealings of the government.

While condemning the incident and strongly warning the concern militants not to repeat such actions again in the future to avoid any uneventful consequences, it has further termed the incident as “an act of terror with deliberate act of intimidation and attempt to create fear psychosis”.

It has further questioned that when there is suspension of operation between the government and Kuki militant outfits, why the militants are allowed to roam freely with firearms and disturbed the peaceful atmosphere.

“The said incident has raised great suspicion and doubts whether the Kuki militants were allowed to carry out such incidents so as to disturb the peaceful atmosphere”.

Stating that the incident had occurred not very far from the Army headquarter, with round the clock vigil of various security personnel in the area, the statement has stated that the incident shows the the ineffectiveness of security personnel and inability to keep its citizens secure.

It has further demanded the government to issue strong directions or instructions to the Kuki militants engaged in the SoO to immediately hand over their cadres involved in the incident to the government so that the culprits are booked as per the law.

It has further mentioned that incase of failure of the government to produce the culprits within 24 hours, it will conclude that the incident was carried with prior information and permission of the government, therefore, the govt. should bear all responsibilities. 


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