Additional funds allocated


IMPHAL, Nov 21: The state government has approved to allocate additional funds of Rs 703.76 lakhs available under the State Development Fund (SDF), 2011-12 for the execution of 13 numbers of priority projects implemented by different department in the state.

According to an official source, the department to which the state government has allocated additional funds include PWD, health, transport, social welfare, MDS, GAD and education.

The source further mentioned that, additional fund of Rs 7 lakhs has been allocated to Road and Bridges; Rs 170.16 lakhs to Motor Vehicles, Rs 50 lakhs to technical education, Rs 50 Lakhs to medical & public health; Rs 120 lakhs to social security & social welfare; Rs 30 lakhs to craftsmen training; Rs 100 lakhs to MDS; Rs 126 lakhs to Public Works and Rs 50 lakhs to GAD.

The source has further informed that the funds will be additional to the annual plan outlay of the departments.


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