AMCO appeals UNC for end to blockade


IMPHAL, Nov 17 (Newmai News Network): The all Manipur Christian Organization (AMCO) on Thursday appealed the United Naga Council (UNC) to lift the ongoing economic blockade imposed along the national highways leading to Manipur..

AMCO appealed the UNC to consider the plight of school children who will be taking their final examinations in the last week of November and December, and further stated that the children are the future of the society and to harm their future would be disastrous to the coming generation.

All communities are also looking forward to the Christmas season and it is time to harvest and prepare, so it would be in the best interest of the coming season of love and peace for all mankind for the UNC to lift the economic blockade in the state during the season, to express love and forgiveness to one another, the Christian organization added.

AMCO said it encourages that a culture of dialogue be developed between the various grieving parties and the government of Manipur, requesting the government of Manipur to initiate to look into the grievances faced by the hill people and take pro-active steps to heal and bring a better co-operation for both the people of the hills and the valley.

AMCO further appealed to all who resort to strikes and protest to consider the poor, the children and elderly people and the economy of the state which is falling; many have been facing untold suffering silently and burden is increasing on the poor and downtrodden people.

AMCO will continue to work for peace and harmony and tolerance and to bringing the good news of love and co-existence for all the people of Manipur, the statement said.


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