BJP leaders arriving in the state in droves


IMPHAL, November 10: The Bharatiya Janata Party is heightening its election campaign in the state with an eye to securing some seats in the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly, with its central leaders  arriving in the state and holding press conferences.

Just a day after former Union finance minister Yashwant Sinha left the state capital after his two day visit, Lok Sabha MP Prakash Javedekar convened a press conference at the office of the Manipur Pradesh BJP at Nitaipat Chuthek, Imphal today.

“Continued blockade of the Manipur Highways is the evidence of complete abdication of its duties by both Congress led government at the centre as well as the Manipur government”, Javedkar stated during the press conference.

The BJP has learned that the people of the state have been facing grievances and difficulties due to the prolonged economic blockades along the highways of the state, he further continued.

“The blockade has continued because there is no political will on the part of both the centre and the state governments and it has become a testimony of non-existence of a government”. He further charged that the SPF government in the state led by O Ibobi is hand in glove with the forces that have blocked the national highways and the government is guilty of complicity in the blockade and is responsible for the sufferings of the people of the state.

The national BJP leader has further demanded from both the state and central governments to immediately ensure smooth and regular movement along all national highways and to ensure the free flow of services and resolve the highway crisis in the state which should be the main duty of the government.

Reacting to a recent statement of the state Chief Minister, Javedekar stated that “it is irony that the CM Ibobi Singh advised the new graduate teachers that they should refrain from paying bribes for getting jobs. BJP wants to ask the Ibobi Singh government that is it a choice for the Manipur people not to pay bribe for anything?”

He further informed the gathered media persons that it would have been better if the Chief Minister would have advised his colleagues, who are involved neck deep in recruitment corruption.

“It is ridiculous that the government which has become synonymous of corruption is advising others”, he further ridiculed.

He further demanded from immediate investigation into the ‘Disproportionate Assets’ of the ministers and MLAs in the state and the immediate enactment for the appointment of the Lok Ayukta in the state.

He further termed Manipur as one state which required immediate enactment of Lok Ayukta.

Meanwhile, BJP Manipur Pradesh president, Sh Shantikumar further informed that the party has been receiving support from all sections of society during its ongoing ‘voter rally’ campaign which started yesterday in view of the ensuing general election in the state.

He further elaborated that the ongoing voter rally has been organised under the theme peace and development in the state.

The campaign will further be carried for another two-three days in presence of various central leaders and try to cover all possible constituencies of the state.

Meanwhile, the central BJP leader after a brief interaction with party supporters at Thangmeiband, further informed media persons that the BJP is currently holding talks with other like-minded political parties of the state to established pre-poll alliance. The party will announce its candidates for the coming general election only after the finalization of the talks.

He further informed that the party will held a national general secretary level meeting in the state to discuss the existing problems of the state.

The senior BJP MP further attended another interaction with party supporters at Keirao before his departure from the state.

Furthermore, many more BJP national leaders are making a beeline to visit the state in connection with the party’s campaign in the state. Senior leader of the party, LK Advani and present opposition leader of Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj and another party leader Nitin Gokhale are also likely to visit the state.


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