Cong trying to disintegrate Northeast by offering `Supra State Body`: State BJP


IMPHAL, November 16: The state BJP has alleged the Congress Party of trying to disintegrate the territorial boundaries of northeastern eastern by granting “Supra State Body” to the Nagas.

Speaking to media persons today at the office of BJP Manipur Pradesh at Nityaipat Chuthek, the state BJP president Sh Shantikumar Sharma stated thati in 1949, Manipur had merged with the Indian Union and had seized its sovereignty and now the Congress is again attempting to disband the integrity of the state by offering “Supra-state Body” to the Nagas.

“It seems the Congress is inviting another big problem, but the people should oppose against the so called Supra State Body”, he noted.

He said the current issue of `Supra State Body` has surfaced after the recent visit of the Union Home Minister to the state.

During the visit, P Chidambaram had consultations with the representatives of United Naga Council (UNC) in a clandestine manner for more than half-an-hour at Senapati district and nothing was revealed about the closed door meeting, the BJP leader said. A white paper on the talk should be presented, he demanded.

He said ‘supra’ means “beyond boundary” and cautioned that the people of the state could be easily offended by it.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the trip of the Union Home Minister, Shantikumar blamed P Chidambaram of ignoring the irritating banner which read “Not welcome communal government of Manipur” in Senapati district while welcoming him and the state officials, including the Chief Minister in the district.

Taking potshots at Chidambaram,the BJP leader said, “It is very unfortunate that during the visit the union Home Minister did not try to bother anything about the suffering meted out to the public by the indefinite economic blockade on national highways and since his visit to the state, the Supra-State Body has surfaced.”

Shantikumar further blamed the ruling Secular Progressive Front (SPF) government of Manipur that it is not willing to invite political parties or civil society organizations for discussion to settle issues in the state.

Further elaborating on the fresh issue of Supra State Body, he admonished that serious problem will crop up in the near future in the state if the government of Manipur fails to solve the Supra State Body proposal, urging the state government to exert pressure to the central government in this regard.

“The BJP is quite doubtful that there is collusion among the three Congress-ruled governments of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh–states which are to be affected by the Supra State Body if granted—have reached an understanding on the proposal, Shantikumar further alleged.

Warning that the people of Manipur should be aware of the Congress which is attempting to disintegrate the state, the BJP Manipur unit president also asked the general public to be alert.

Professor Tiken, vice president BJP Manipur unit, who was also talking at the press meet, said the first foremost mistake of the government of India is that it takes the rebel NSCN-IM which is an incompetent body to be the representative of the Naga people.

He said in a sarcastic tone that the proposed Supra State Body is a “big joke” downplayed by the government of India to the Northeastern region as well as to the NSCN-IM.

Professor Tiken also said the Congress should not play such cheap politics, adding that BJP denounces the offering of Supra State Body to the Nagas.

Civil society organizations in the state should think carefully regarding the complicated issue of Supra State Body, Tiken cautioned.


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