DISCOVERY OF KANGLEIPAK (29) : Kanglei Theory of the Origin of the Universe


Kanglei Theory of the Origin of the Universe (the recent western theory of the Big Bang)

The preposition of the origin of the universe is generally put forth verbally or in mythological, folklore forms by many races or tribes on the Earth since early times of the history of mankind.

The theory of the origin of the Universe was put into black and white since very early times by the Meetei Race of Kangleipak since the days of the Monarch, Konchin Tukthapa Ipu Athoupa Pakhangpa. The Meetei Race of Kangleipak put the theory in writing in their scripture called Puya, most probably earlier than 2000 BC.

The Puya page in the ancient Meetei scripts, that is, in 18 writing alphabets may please be seen:

(The necessary part for the quotation covers two pages)
The above Puya page transcribed in the Bengali scripts also may please be seen:

(In this transcription also two pages are necessary)
In the above xerox, in the first line of the xerox “Eepungloi Apakpana mathannata Leipa Yatatuna Haina Hummakpaki Hung|Hung|ki Eewai Eeninna Niksillaktuna Famchillakpata|Thengnalupa Atupu Laiki Masani Haituna Laisa(Leisa) Haina Koukhipa….” May please be seen.

Rough English translation of the above first line is this :
“Eepungloi Apakpa (The universal Lord Father) unable to remain itself alone, Haina Hummakpaki (at sudden commotion) produced Hung Hung sound, niksillaktuna Famchillakpata (as a result of the sudden vibration causing condensation) first formed the Laisa (Leisa) as the God Father’s self (body).”
Definitely, the statement of the Puya, written in the 18 alphabets, is the beginning of the formation of the universe, that is, the transformation of the Eepungloi Apakpa in the primordial Talang Malang (Indefinite, formless, shapeless State) to the definite universe of forms and shapes.
This is what the recent western science calls Big Bang Theory regarding the origin of the universe.

Kanglei conception of the Eepung Loinapa Apakpa, in short Eepungloi Apakpa, was Talang Malang. The Talang Malang concept was the primordial State of the universal Creator God Father before the creation of the universe. In this state of the Talang Malang, the Kanglei Meetei Race conceived a thing’s presence is known by the senses, but the presence of the thing cannot be known and knowable in shapes, sizes, forms etc by the senses. Such is the state of the universal God Father Creator before the Creation.

What the Puya of the ancient Kangleipak says is the moment when the Talang Malang universal Creator became shaped, sized, formed concrete universe at the beginning. This moment is called in the Kanglei ancient literature as “Nahan Nong Taipang Semngeita”.

One peculiar thinking was that in the Wang-u-lon of the Meetei Race of Kangleipak, the creation of the Taipangpalpa (malem, the earth) was equated to the creation of the universe, and fire, water, air and the earth were first created in the first place.

Further reading you find “Laipungthou Talet ki Laiming Thontuna Eemai Faokhipa| Eemai Atupu Laiki Khuttamni – Lai Male Haituna Malem Haina Koukhipa|” (The writer does not take the burden of translating the passage).

The Laipungthou talet mentioned above means the seven Gods guarding Kangleipak : 1. Nongpok Chingkhei Apanpa. 2. Awangpa Koupalu 3. Thangching Koilel Lai Sitapa 4. Khana Chaopa Wangpulel Lai Sitapa 5. Eelai Pulel Puling Lai Sitapa 6. Lainingthou Pangkalpa and 7. Salailel Sitapa. From this passage, it is apparent that the first creation of the God Creator is Laisa (Leisa), it is further seen that the Laisa is equated to Malem (the earth), it is further seen that the Malem is nothing but Kangleipak guarded by the seven Laipungthous as the Puya envisaged.

This passage further indicates the antiquity of the theory of the origin of the universe, a theory during a time when the Kangleicha Meetei Race did not know anything except their small country Kangleipak.

This concept will be further strengthened by further reading the Puya page xeroxed above.

Regarding the creation of the Heavenly bodies after the creation of the Malem (the earth), Nongthou (Ating-aa, space), Koilou ( Numit – Sun), Eehilel (Thacha – Moon) etc upto 19 Heavenly bodies are created one by one. We are not able to decipher the meanings and concepts of the words upto this day.
Creation goes further without any stoppage, from first creation fire to the last creation, the 19th that becomes seven thawaimichak Cheiyom (seven stars bundles of lives) it further becomes the 7 days of the Week of the Kangleicha Meetei Race.

According to this theory of creation of the ancient Meetei Race of Kangleipak, the creation of Kangleipak and other heavenly bodies are the creation of the universe. The Malam (The earth) is about 4.6 billion years old today as believed by the west scientifically. This theory of the creation of the universe first relates to this malem (the Earth). The Kanglei Creation theory has the common beginning of the creation of the Universe by a Big Bang, a scientific theory in the West, we have seen above very clearly. ‘Hung|Hung|Eewai Eenin’ in the Puya is definitely the Big Bang of the Western theory.
To conclude this short discourse, the writer earnestly feels that the esteemed readers may feel better than the writer himself after reading the Puya Page xeroxed above.

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