Dr Shurhozelie to release book on world’s “tallest Paddy”

KOHIMA, Nov 26 (NEPS): Urban Development Minister Dr Shurhozelie will formally release the book—“Naga Paddy Man To The World”—on November 28, 2011at 10:00 A.M. here at Hotel Japhu, Kohima. This book written by Oken Jeet Sandham, senior journalist and Editor of North East Press Service (NEPS), is based on the rare paddy species which was discovered by Pastor Melhite Kenye on October 1, 1998 from the Chumukedima Jungle.
This rare paddy had the record height of 8 and ½ ft, 175 tillers and 510 grains in each ear and the stalk is as big as human finger and of semi woody nature. And finally this giant rare paddy species discovered in Nagaland was declared as the “tallest paddy” in the world by the Guinness World Records, London on December 12, 2001 at London.
Since the discovery of this rare paddy species, the discoverer continued to cultivate on the rare species in a small patch of land in the Church compound at Chumukedima to date. He also received number of awards including Governor’s Gold Medal for discovery of the tallest paddy in the world.
Many interesting stories as to how Pastor Kenye had discovered the strange giant paddy from Chumukedima Jungle, his subsequent cultivation on the species in the Church compound as experimentation to find out the best season for the rare species, his dreams prior to the discovery of the rare species, how the world agricultural scientists and scholars approaching him, other agencies dealing with him and many more—are in this book.
The function will be chaired by Narain B Sagar, Convener, Federation of Working Journalists of Nagaland (FoWJoN), invocation by Rev M Savino, Chaplain, Naga Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK) and Vote of Thanks by Khriezovonuo Lhoungu, General Secretary, Kohima Press Club (KPC).
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