Governor greets on Guru Nanak


    IMPHAL, Nov 9: The Governor of Manipur, Guru Nanak has greeted the people of Manipur on the auspicious and joyous occasion of Guru Nanak’s birthday.

    The Governor’s message said, “Cutting across the barriers of caste and creed, encompassing followers and non-followers, leaving behind an eternal message of peaceful co-existence of mankind as a whole, the teachings of Guru Nanak are a logical path leading to salvation through love, compassion, mercy, benevolence, forgiveness, non-violence and renunciation of materialistic desires. His teachings are very relevant to the present situation when the atmosphere is marred by enmity, conflict and social tensions. While celebrating the birthday of this outstanding apostle of peace and non-violence we should pledge to follow his ideals, principles and values.”


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