Gratitude to state government for Shangakpham blast ex-gratia


IMPHAL, November 24: Women Survivors Network (WSN), a network body of women victims of armed conflict held a meeting on Thursday at Sanghakpham as per an initiative of Wide Angle. At the said meeting, the members of WSN and their family members expressed their gratitude to the state government for the entitlement of ex-gratia to the victim families of the August 1 Sangakpham bomb blast, which was handed over to the family members at the Porompat DC office complex on November 23, a press release by Wide Angle coordinator L Miranjan said.

The family members also voiced their gratitude to CORE, AMSU, AMUCO, Wide Angle and the JAC, different meira paibi organizations and individuals who contributed their valuable support in terms of money, medicine, health care and various other ways in organizing sit in protests, submission of memorandum, etc.

Menawhile, family of victims who died in the blast received Rs 2 lakhs, while severely injured persons received Rs 1 lakh and persons with minor injuries received Rs 30 thousand, but this money has no place to return the lives of our beloved family members, the aggrieving members said. They also appealed to all authorities and armed groups not to repeat such incident in the future, the release said.


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