ILP committee report submitted to Chief Minister


IMPHAL, November 5: The Federation of Regional Indigenous Societies (FREINDS) has submitted the report of the expert committee on ILP System to Chief Minister Okram Ibobi today.

The report entitled “Report of the Expert Committee on the Introduction of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873 or ILP System to the state of Manipur” was handed to the Chief Minister by FREINDS president Sapamcha Jadumani.

The report submitted to the Chief Minister mentioned that the arbitrary abolition of `Permit System` from Manipur on November 18, 1950 has been one singular factor for the uncontrolled and unregulated influx of inter-state migrants, which metamorphosed the demographic structure of the state into a highly volatile and having grave potential of communal misunderstanding. The simple fact of having nearly 30% of the total population by the migrant population is an ominous sign of social catastrophe.

It was unfortunate that in the post-independent India, while in many of the states of Northeastern India the pre-constitutional law of “Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873” or “Inner Line Permit System” was retained and protected the minority communities from the unchecked influx of inter-state migrations, in the case of Manipur, the permit system which was adopted in lieu of Inner Line Permit System was abolished in spite of the resolution of the `Manipur State Council` on 19th September 1947, which endorsed the opinion that “the retention of the Permit System should continue”, it said.

Further, objections, raised by the members of the Advisory Council on 2nd February 1957, against the abolition of the `Permit System` and urged “to revive the passport system in Manipur” “so that persons from outside Manipur might be allowed to come in with an account and scrutiny” were also vetoed.

But, then, Manipur government was not a democratic and responsible government. It was only a bureaucratic state and ruled by a chief commissioner which was appointed under section 3 of Manipur Administration Order (Ministry of State) Dated the 15th October 1949. New Delhi, the report mentioned.

Today, the situation has changed Manipur now, has a fully responsible and democratic government. The mandate of our own people comes into the fore.

And, It is now time that, the past historical mistake be rectified through democratic and constitutional legal means, the FREINDS enjoined.


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