KCP (URF) announces ban on Congress, CPI


IMPHAL, November 27: A statement by Mangangthoi, chairman of the Re Concilation Committee of the KCP (United Revolutionary Front) has banned the working of the Indian National Congress and the CPI in the state for being anti-people.

It has stated that the upcoming 10th Assembly Elections will be boycotted for both political parties and that no candidates should represent and work for the parties. The decade old SPF governance has muddled itself in corruption, fake encounters among many wherein the basic issues afflicting its public has remained widely ignored. It has not been able to have the foresight and tackle the influx of the migrant workers which is an issue which needs to be addressed, it said.

After deliberating the policy of the state government , the Re Concilation Committee has resolved to initiate ‘Operation Non Coperation’ and will take up measures to prevent the Congress and the CPI from carrying out its agendas in the state. It has further sought cooperation from the public and further warned that if the workers of the said political parties do not refrain, then there may be reprisals.

The statement mentioned that the arms struggle is the only means to liberate the state from the Indian government. Mentioning the historical aspects of the annexation and history of the armed insurgent movement, it further stated that Irom Sharmila’s struggle against AFSPA for a decade has been ignored by the centre. It questions on how India can be called the largest democracy when the voices of its people are not heard.


  1. Goonda-Raj.. may have been hired by some political party by paying hefty amount.. and Disturbed means Disturbed like the recent bomb blast in front of Sangai Festival site is not peaceful. No further comments required.

  2. KCP calling congress anti-people, and you are super anti-people. what contribution you have done to the people of this state other throwing grenade to someone house for not paying ransom and spreading fear among the people


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