Kuki human rights body appeals to UNC to lift counter economic blockade


IMPHAL November 23: The Kuki Movement for Human Rights has requested the United Naga Council to consider the sufferings of the public and to lift the economic blockade with immediate effect.

A press statement by the chairman of the body T Lunkim has stated, “The session of Christmas should be free from any kind of disorderliness in the family, village and the state for the preparation of the joyous celebration of the birth day of Lord Jesus Christ”.

It has further mentioned that for whatever reasons whether disintegration of state territory, Southern Nagaland, alternative arrangement and countering the Sadar Hills District, the matter can be settled through negotiations for bringing peace and social harmony.

It has further added that all should remember that in the hill areas in particular, the Kukis and Nagas have been living together as neighbours since time immemorial. When the British wanted to colonize the land, the tribals including the Kuki Inpi fought back and saved the ancestral lands. Further, there are no watertight areas which one particular tribe should claim as its own land, it added.

“We own the land together in peace. Any misunderstanding of this ownership right by individual’s with vested interest would rather endanger the undisturbed ownership, and therefore communal interest has to be given up forthwith”, it said.

“Whatever the future holds, you are respectfully requested to lift the economic blockade for the sake of the Christmas season so that we may all celebrate by singing Joy to the world the Lord has come”, it said.


  1. What Rubbish When Your Community did the same then where was your human right?
    I should suggest entire community should exchange the blockade periodically.
    Kuki Should continue blockade for 1 Quarter similarly, Naga and meitei should. The remaining quarter should be by the other organization. This way we should leave the entire  Years.

    I felt pity to say why as human being fighting for a piece of land. We were born naked and empty handed. Similarly when we die we will leave the world with empty handed.

    I would encourage keep continue the blockade.


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