MACR`s team visits evicted Loktak families


IMPHAL, November 19: A team of the Manipur Alliance for Child Rights led by its convenor K Pradeep Kumar today made a surveillance tour of the District Multi-purpose Mini Stadium, Ningthoukhong Kha Mamang Leikai where the displaced fishers of Loktak lake including women, children are currently seeking refuge. The alliance has further decided to file a report on the condition of the children and forward it to the concerned authorities.

The tour was organized to inspect the effect of the eviction on the children of the displaced families.

On reaching the camp, the team found that the district authorities have ordered the evicted families to further evacuate from the area. The team also found that the displaced families including around 500 children were all set to shift from the area to Thanga Chinglak community hall which is some kilometres away from their present camp.

Unhappy with the condition of the children at the camp, the Manipur Alliance for Child Rights has decided to file a report on the condition of the displaced children and to forward it to the concerned state authorities and pressurise the state to provide necessary rehabilitation to the affected children, said the co-convenor of the alliance Bheiga Singh.

During the tour, the alliance team was told that the eviction of the fishers from their floating huts had started since November 15, he informed.

The villagers also informed the team that there were around 2000 floating huts on the Loktak lake, however around 300 huts had been burned down since the eviction started, he further stated.

There are around 500 children of which around 300 are school going children presently putting up at the camp, he further stated.

With winter setting in the state, the children’s health have started to deteriorate due to the unhygienic condition at the camp and as such the state health department should provide necessary health care facilities to the displaced vilagers especially the children and old-aged, he further stated.


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