Naga council claims Kuki encroachment at Sadar Hills


IMPHAL, Nov 10 (Newmai News Network): The Southern Senapati Naga Villages Council, Manipur has claimed Thursday that a collective group of Kuki people from Kangpokpi area have forcibly encroached a Naga village called Chawangkining along the IT Road under Kangpokpi sub-division, Senapati district on Thursday.

The chief of the village along with the villagers tried to prevent them but the Kuki group did not heed to their voice but they brought materials to construct their houses there without any permission from the land owners, the Naga village council alleged.

One of the leaders of the group told them that the Sadar Hills District Demand Committee (SHDDC) instructed them to intrude the village and settle down there when Chawankining villagers asked them about their plan.

It is unfortunate to learn that the SHDDC has invited new clashes between the Kukis and Nagas, the council added.

It also warned the Kuki group to withdraw from Chawakining village or face dire consequences.

Further drawing the attention of the government of Manipur, the Naga villagers urged the former to take up necessary action to prevent unwanted incidents among the hill people.


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